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"Dont know why" 

by Rhythms del Mundo feat. Vania


by Rhythms del Mundo feat. Coldplay

Rhythms del Mundo is a collaborative album, which fuses an all-star cast of Cuban musicians including Ibrahim Ferrer and Omara Portuondo of the Buena Vista Social Club with the vocals of artists such as Coldplay, Sting, Arctic Monkeys, U2, Jack Johnson, Maroon 5, Franz Ferdinand, Kaiser Chiefs and others.

The main recording sessions took place in Havana at Abdala Studios. While the majority of the vocals remain the same, the musicians of the Buena Vista Social Club reworked the original orchestration from each song and created something utterly unique, casting their trademark mastery over each track. Rhythms Del Mundo includes restructured tracks such as "Clocks" by Coldplay, "Better Together" by Jack Johnson, "She Will Be Loved" by Maroon 5, "High and Dry" by Radiohead, "Dancing Shoes" by Arctic Monkeys and "Modern Way" by Kaiser Chiefs, as well as other popular songs.

Rhythms Del Mundo also includes music by famed Cuban singers Omara Portuondo and the last vocal recording of Afro-Cuban bolero singer, Ibrahim Ferrer. The other Cuban musicians from The Buena Vista Social Club who perform on this album are as follows: Barbarito Torres, Amadito Valdés, Virgilio Valdes, Angel Terri Domech, Manuel "Guajiro" Mirabal, Orlando "Cachaíto" López and Demetrio Muniz.

Album proceeds benefits the environmental nonprofit organization Artists Project Earth, which raises awareness and funds for climate change projects and for disaster relief efforts. The artists on this album fully support the record as a commitment to the music and to the cause that it endorses.


Buena Vista Social Club, Coldplay, Sting, Arctic Monkeys, U2, Jack Johnson, Maroon 5, Franz Ferdinand, Kaiser Chiefs, Berman Brothers, Cuban Jazz, Cuban Music

Complete Tracklist

Clocks - Coldplay

Better Together - Jack Johnson

Dancing Shoes - Arctic Monkeys

One Step Too Far - Dido & Faithless

As Time Goes By - Ibrahim Ferrer

I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For - U2 & Coco Freeman

She Will Be Loved - Maroon 5

Fragilidad - Sting

Killing Me Softly - Omara Portuondo

Ai No Corrida - Vania Borges feat. Quincy Jones

Modern Way - Kaiser Chiefs

Don't Know Why - Vania Borges

Hotel Buena Vista - Aquila Rose & Idania Valdez

The Dark of the Matinee - Coco Freeman ft. Franz Ferdinand

High and Dry - El Lele de Los Van Van feat. Radiohead (samples)

Bonus Track.

★ Casablanca (As time goes by) - Ibrahim Ferrer & Omara Portuondo



Produced by Kenny Young & the Berman Brothers

Executive Producer: Ron Oehl

Director of Musicworks Group: 

Ron Oehl 

Musical arrangements: 

Demetrio Muniz, Miguel Patterson 


Carlos Raul de la Vega Guerrero @ Abdala Studios (Havana), Laurence Brazil @ Lazy Moon Studios (UK), Andreu Ferrer Felez-Rozasul Studios (Barcelona SP)

Mixed by: 

Laurence Brazil and Kenny Young @ Lazy Moon Studios & Dr. Mo @ The Sound Garden NYC

Assistant engineers: 

Omar Valladares, Evelyn Alvarez @ Abdala 


Tim Young @ Metropolis Studios (London) 

Adapted translations of songs (to Spanish): 

Victor Reina,Sigfredo Ariel 

Producers' assistants: 

Yoana Grass, Fariel Camacho 

Song Translations: 

Miguel Alexiades, Monica von Thun Calderøn 


MM Design (Sheffield) by David Menezes & Gareth Scott



Frank Rubio (bass)
Harold Lopez Nussa (piano)
Roberto Fonseca (piano)
Tomas Ramos,el Panga (congas & percussion menor) 
Carlos Alvarez Guerra (trombone) 
Miguel Valdes de la Hoz (trumpet) 
Demetrio Muniz (trombone) 
Barbarito Torres courtesy of Havana Caliente and Harbour Bridge.(laud) 
Jorge Chicoy (guitar) 
Antonio Garcia (sax tenor)
Emilio del Monte (timbale) 
Jorge Braund (trumpet & fliscorno) 
Jorge Boulet (piano) 
Pablo Menendez (guitar) 
Arelis Zaldivar Copello (cello) 

Ariel Sarduy Mendez (violin) 

Roberto Herrera Diaz (viola) 

Augusto Diago Carreras (violin)

Roberto Garcia Lopez (trumpet) 

Orlando Lopez 'Cachaito'(bass) 
Emilio Morales (piano) 
Manuel 'Guajiro'Mirabal (trumpet)
Amadito Valdes – (percussion) plays his own timbal & sticks model:Meinl Artist Series with drumheads Evans and Regal Tip exclusively 
Rafael Pablo Paseiro Monzon (bass)
Yaroldy Abreu Robles (conga) 
Felix Martinez Montero 
Alberto Hernanez Plasencia – (perc) 
Virgilio Valdes (perc) 
Filiberto Sanchez Aguiar (timbales)
Angel Terri Domech (percussion)

Los gringos:

Danny Cummings (percussion)

Kenny Young (percussion)

Ben Brierly (guitar)

Lead singers:

Ibrahim Ferrer 
Omara Portuondo 
Vania Borges 
Coco Freeman 
Roberto Hernandez 
Abdel Rasalps, el Lele 
Idania Valdes Casuso 
Aquila Rose

Backing vox:

Ivon Suarez 
Oscar Fuigeroa 
Liagne Reina 
Iris Avila 
Miguel Patterson
Idania Valdes 
Vania Borges
Aquila Rose 
Freya Lee

"An album made with such integrity and passion that turns out as entertaining as this is hard to resist!"

The Independent


Buena Vista Social Club, Coldplay, Sting, Arctic Monkeys, U2, Jack Johnson, Maroon 5, Franz Ferdinand, Kaiser Chiefs, Berman Brothers, Cuban Jazz, Cuban Music

Rhythms Del Mundo Cuba was created as a benefit project for Artists' Project Earth, an organization devoted to protecting the environment, reversing climate change, and tendering disaster relief.

"We need a law, we need to have the Government put climate change in its place. If you leave industry to sort it out on a voluntary basis that's never going to happen. So everybody, if they've got any concerns about climate change, has to register that concern with their Government officials because it's the only way to go."

Thom Yorke - Radiohead


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